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  • 26 Mar 2020
  • 2 May 2020
  • Chicago, IL


UPDATE - with Adepticon cancelled due to the COVID-19 Virus, our plans are changing. We still plan to hold a raffle. Our fundraising expectations, of course, will be lower. Details updated below .

Total Tickets Sold = 2,214 as of 5/1/20


TABLEWAR Charities will be attending the 2020 Adepticon in Chicago to support TABLEWAR Autism Advocacy. We will be holding a charity raffle.

Charity Raffle!

1 ticket for $3, 4 tickets for $10, or 10 tickets for $20 (ability to mark your preference for prize)

Raffle drawing will be held Live Stream on Facebook May 1st, 2020 at 4PM PST

Each prize will have a separate drawing (select which prize you want at time of ticket purchase). We plan to live-stream the drawing (we will post in Facebook and here for the expected time of the drawing). 

TABLEWAR Charities will cover the first $30 of shipping costs to each winner with the receipent responsible for any additional costs.

Raffle Prizes!

  • Warcry Bundle (832 tickets sold as of 5/1) - Two fully painted and based (with trays) Warcry Bands with cards, one TABLEWAR Mini Case, & one 30x22” Lava + Tundra TABLEWAR FAT Mat

- Splinterd Fang warband painted by James & Cathy Wappel

- Corvus Cabal warband painted by Caleb & Kat from CK Studios


  • Gotrek Gurnisson (93 tickets sold as of 5/1)- Fully painted individual AOS character model

- Painted by Matt DiPietro

  • Aeronautica Imperials Bundle (494 tickets sold as of 5/1) - Fully painted Aeronautica Imperials starter box, one TABLEWAR Mini Case, & one 3x3 Aeronautical 2” Hex TABLEWAR FAT Mat

- Painted by Del Ilaban

  • Battlefield in a Box (795 tickets sold as of 5/1) - Fully painted “Imperials” style unique 3D Printed Terrain (stackable) + 6x4 ‘Blasted Bunkers' TABLEWAR FAT Mat (if we sell more than 1,000 tickets, we will ad the 'Blasted Airfield' FAT Mat too!)

- Designed, printed, & painted by Amory Huliheenamaka’okalini Burgess 

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