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  • 24 Mar 2022
  • (CDT)
  • 27 Mar 2022
  • (CDT)
  • Chicago, IL


TABLEWAR Charities will be attending the 2022 Adepticon in Chicago to support TABLEWAR Autism Advocacy. We will be holding a charity raffle.

We will have a Charity LUCKY DRAW!

1 ticket for $3, 4 tickets for $10, or 10 tickets for $20 

Lucky Draw Prizes!

  • Adeptic Titanticus -  Fully painted and magnetized force with all the accessories. It also comes with a TABLEWAR Mini Case and 4x4' TABLEWAR F.A.T. Mat

- Miniatures Donated by GAM3ESCAPE hobby store in Hilo, HI

- Painted by Oaka Ruddle-Miyamoto

- Mini Case and F.A.T. Mat donated by TABLEWAR

  • AOS Dominion Stormcast Eternals -  Fully painted AOS force.

- Donated & painted by Kelsey Ito 

  • Battlefield in a Box - Fully painted “Imperials” style unique 3D Printed Terrain (stackable) 

- Designed, printed, & painted by Amory Huliheenamaka’okalini Burgess 

- 3D Printed by Carl Tuttle

-Painted by _TBD_ 

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